Repair or replace… that is the question!

Old windows can do a lot to undermine how happy you are with your home. Drafts can make cooling your house expensive and difficult. The same goes for heating your home, however rare during our beautiful Florida winter months. Rotting wood frames and deteriorating or sagging sashes can make a home seem less inviting outside and dreary and out of date inside. But is replacement the best way to go? We will help you determine if it would be more cost effective and energy efficient to keep your original windows and repair them or replace them with a more a current model.  Either way, you can count on DC Construction to look out for your best interest.

  • New window installation
  • Remove window
  • Repair rotting wood
  • Replace broken panes
  • Replace window sash
  • Improve window operation
  • Improve drafty windows

Don't know what to do? No problem!

Helping local homeowners is our speciality. Just drop us a note and let's discuss your situation.

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