Project Description

Nestled between the main house and guesthouse, this beachfront treehouse was built among a group of palm trees overlooking the pool area.

Owner requested boat features be incorporated to foster the children’s imaginations. A boat pulpit was built to one side where they can stand out and dream of sailing the open seas.

In keeping with the boat theme, a crow’s nest was added above the pulpit area where wandering minds can look out through a spyglass watching for in-coming pirate ships. The surrounding palm trees were incorporated into the design and layout of the treehouse creating a natural environment for this unique play area.

Plenty of window features were included to give the structure the look and feel of a real home and allow the children to peer out across the property from several vantage points. Overlooking the pool, the tree house has an abundance of deck space with handrails for safety being camouflaged by foliage providing plenty of shade and allowing for proper parental supervision. Below the raised deck of the tree house, a patio was built to be used for snack time and shaded family barbecue dining.

“Rock walls” and rope ladders are available around the structure to satisfy the climber in all of us. Several points and methods of entry were included ensuring many of hours of entertainment and physical activity.